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When the sealant (mastic) between the deck and coping on your pool becomes dry and cracked, it is time to replace it. You don't have to worry about whether you are getting the same price as the next guy. We put our prices right online for everyone to see.

We remove the old deck sealant, prep the joint and pour in a new level joint using brand name products such as Deck-O-Seal. After the joint material begins to set, we sprinkle a small amount of sand on the joint to provide a textured appearance (but not enough to compromise the elasticity of the material). We then clean up after the job.

The price for sealant application is for a typical deck joint up to 1/2 inch wide. The price is figured per perimeter foot with a 50 foot minimum.

Deck Joint Replacement    (Scroll down to see pricing)

Deck-O-Seal We can quickly remove and replace the deck-o-seal between your deck and coping.  We typically put a little sand (but not too much) on the surface of the sealant as it sets.
Deck Joints We can also replace wooden or plastic deck joints.  Often the best solution is to just remove the deck joint material and replace it with mastic.  It provides a clean appearance that is consistent with the joint between the coping and the deck.
Decking We offer a variety of deck surfaces.  Patterned concrete is one of the best options available today.  Call to look at sample patterns.  We are happy to provide a free estimate.