When you hire a pool company, you should expect more than a superficial cleaning and a routine mixing of chemicals to what is a source of relaxation and considerable investment at your property. You should receive clear, consistent communications about what has been done, and what might need to be done to ensure the continued smooth operation of your pool.

Each time a Tropix Pool cleaning technician services your pool, they always go that extra mile – or lap – by providing a real-time report via Email just minutes after completing their examination of and work at the facility.

This comprehensive report provides a summary of what the technician observed, the services that were provided (i.e., a thorough pool cleaning and chemical refill), and suggestions as needed on what the pool may require for its continued smooth operation. For example, the report may read, “your water level is low and needs to be refilled,” which the homeowner can easily complete.

Additional information may include the condition of the customer’s filter baskets or skimmer baskets. In fact, if the pool cleaner bags have holes, they can affect the pool cleaner’s effectiveness. The report may also indicate an issue about the pool equipment that needs attention, and a friendly reminder that a Tropix Pools repair person – separate from the cleaning technician — will take care of, but only after receiving the customer’s approval.

“Our people do a great job of informing customers of changes and potential issues, or if something’s wrong with the equipment,” says Rob Hill, President of Tropix Pools. “We think it’s important as your pool service company that we look out for your pool and keep you informed about everything. We feel like it’s our job, our responsibility, to keep the customer well-informed, and to be able to provide turnkey services at a fair price.”

This commitment to quality communication, which enables Tropix Pools to stand out among its competitors in the pool services business, extends to a responsive and reliable home office staff. “If and when there’s an issue that the customer is not happy with, they can speak with one of our professionals at the home office in Prosper, Texas” said Mr. Hill. “Or, we will return their call within a short period of time and deal with the issue, no matter what it may be. If they’re not happy with a service, or if they have to change (their service) to a different day, or if they need service for something that’s not operating correctly, we will respond to them.”

If you are looking for a reliable, responsible pool service provider, please be sure to contact Tropix Pools at (972) 276-2222 or info@tropixpools.com