Rob Hill has heard the story all too often from swimming pool owners who have hired a pool service provider that under-delivered, resulting in costly repairs paid by the client.

Mr. Hill, the president of Celina, Texas-based Tropix Pools, realizes this happens more often than not because “there are no barriers to entering the pool service business. You can start the business out in your garage, buy chemicals, a net and a brush at a retail outlet, and you’re off and running,” said Mr. Hill, whose company serves homeowners’ pools throughout Collin, Denton and northern Dallas Counties. “But customers who hire that level of service run a great risk because there are people with those companies who weren’t properly trained, or take short cuts, or misdiagnose a problem, and they may be doing more harm than good to your pool. On the surface things may look good in your pool, but your equipment or plaster may be damaged because the water’s chemistry is not being properly maintained.”

Mr. Hill insists that the most important factor to consider when you hire a pool service company is its employees’ level of training and knowledge. For example, Tropix Pools adheres to the Texas state law requiring that each repair person has a valid Small Appliance Installer’s license. “That’s one of the most offended rules in our business,” said Mr. Hill. “Those who aren’t properly licensed may be able to wire up a motor, but they also may not know exactly what they are doing.

“One of the key reasons why there is a state law requiring this license is safety, because there are pools that have electrical equipment involved in proximity to water,” Mr. Hill added. “With your loved ones – and friends and neighbors – enjoying the pool, you’ll want to ensure that all of your equipment is properly bonded and grounded.”

Tropix Pools also stresses ongoing training for its personnel, each of whom proudly wears the company’s uniform while on duty. “The training and certification, to me and to our customers, is important,” he stressed. “We send them to the available training on the equipment that the manufacturers provide, which makes them experts in the services that they provide.”

Mr. Hill also noted that at Tropix Pools, there is no crossover between the repair and cleaning technicians – each group is committed to providing their specialized services and expertise. “The pool cleaning technicians are experts in their field, and that’s what they do,” he said. “They don’t fix or service the pool’s mechanical needs in addition to cleaning pools. Meanwhile, our repair personnel fix problems for the customer — all day and every day because they’re experts at what they do.

“Our pool cleaning technicians ensure that you are enjoying the cleanest pool possible because they dispose of automatic pool cleaning bags and check for any debris that may not have been cleaned up,” Mr. Hill added. “We also provide our people with the latest technological advances so the client’s pool will be spotless from the floor to the walls. And, chemical readings are sent to the customer online to ensure their confidence.”

Because Tropix Pools has established such strong employee training and licensing guidelines, it can offer a more comprehensive variety of pool services at competitive prices than many of its competitors. These services include weekly pool maintenance, leak repair, and even pool remodeling (including fencing and/or a security system), design and construction that can save homeowners a significant amount of money. And, because accidents do occur when you least expect them, the company offers an after-hours and weekend paging system for your convenience.

In addition, all employees are closely monitored by field supervisors who dutifully follow and double check a percentage of each technician’s work on a weekly basis. “As a result, this helps our technicians do what they’re supposed to do, and also provides continuous training,” said Mr. Hill. “Our supervisors will help the technicians correct any issues and provide even better service to our customers.”