Laura and Roy Jeffers did not want to concern themselves with the chore of maintaining their pool. Both are career professionals who must travel regularly, and who also enjoy entertaining in their McKinney, Texas home and backyard. Simply put, they do not have the time or patience required to consistently maintain the proper chemical balance, remove leaves and other debris, brush the pool, clean the filters, and empty skimmer and pump baskets as well as and cleaner bags.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffers each asked several friends about who they were using to service their pools. They also read online reviews about several providers before narrowing their list to four, and ensured that each company was properly licensed.

Mrs. Jeffers contacted each of the four companies via telephone, focusing on their levels of experienced before conferring with her husband and making their choice.

“Since this is the equivalent of an interview, I asked questions about rates, their assortment of available services, equipment and techniques that they use, and whether they would visit our home to provide a free estimate of services,” said Mrs. Jeffers “I also gauged how representatives from each pool company I contacted responded to my questions and concerns.”

Laura Jeffers also focused on the level of experience that each company could provide, and they selected Tropix Pool Service based on the company’s staff and commitment to service.

“When we learned that Tropix Pools has more than 25 team members and 24-hour service to handle emergencies, including technicians who are fully certified, we realized their experience separated them from many of the other pool service companies we had researched,” said Mr. Jeffers. “They’ve been servicing pools since 1998, and their longevity and growth in this market and within their industry gave us the impression that Tropix Pools continues to invest in training and certification to ensure that they have great people who would provide the best service possible.

“We felt that Tropix Pools has capable, well-trained technicians who would service our pool, as well as experienced and customer-friendly management who work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth flow of service,” Laura Jeffers added. “Simply put, we found a company that we felt we could depend on.”

When Tropix Pools arrived at the Jeffers’ home to provide a free estimate, “they gave the impression of being extremely customer focused and service driven,” said Mrs. Jeffers. “In addition, we felt they would operate professionally and with high ethics, and that they’ve earned their place in the suburban Dallas market based on their high standards of customer service and expertise.”

If you are looking for a reliable, responsible pool service provider, please be sure to contact Tropix Pools at (972) 276-2222 or