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Leak Detection

Losing water in your pool?

Let us help you first determine whether the problem is serious enough to require attention. And if attention is needed, we feature state of the art leak detection equipment to make your leak detection process as painless as possible.

If you suspect or determine that your pool is leaking, please contact the pool professionals at Tropix Pools.

Is my Pool Leaking?

All pools will lose water through evaporation and splash out, at slightly different rates throughout the year. Water loss will always be greater when there is a significant difference in the air and water temperature, when its windy, or if your pool has large waterfalls or spillways. Typically, water loss through evaporation and splash out should not exceed ¼” in a 24hr. period. You can perform the two simple 24hr. tests, that follow, to determine whether your water loss is normal, or whether you may have a leak in the pool shell or plumbing. And remember, before you perform these tests, make sure you have repaired any leaks that are visible at your equipment pad.

Pool Shell and Penetrations Test

Important Note: Do not perform this test if there is a danger of freezing temperatures.

  • Turn your pool equipment off. Ensure that timeclocks or computer systems have been overridden so that equipment won’t come on during the test.
  • Use a grease pencil, or tape, to mark the current water level in the pool.
  • Allow the pool to sit for 24hrs.
  • At the end of the 24hr. period, note difference in the current water level and the level you marked in step 2.

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