If you’re thinking of changing pool service providers or perhaps would like to enlist the help of an outstanding company, then use the checklist below. Finding a reliable pool service company that will make you completely happy can be tricky – unless you stick to this four point lineup.

As you interview pool service companies, be certain that they are:

• Competent and knowledgeable about servicing your pool

• Fully insured

• Provide competent personnel training/licensing and monitored by senior staff

• Responsive to and communicative with customers

Right from the beginning, customers should ensure they are dealing with a competent pool service firm that handles itself in a professional way and has controls in management. “There are no barriers to entering the pool business, which means that anyone can do so out of their garage,” said Tropix Pools President Robert Hill. “They can buy chemicals, a net and a brush, and they’re off and running — and a lot of customers might not be able recognize the difference until it’s too late.”

Tropix Pools ensures that all of its employees who work on your pool are background checked and drug tested. The company takes this as seriously as its customers, and also ensures that its technicians wear light blue or orange company shirts and khaki trousers to reinforce its professional approach to maintaining its lofty standards.

Even while following safety regulations, someone may still be injured on your property. As a result, the company that you choose must be completely insured. Tropix Pools is fully insured for the protection of both its customers and employees. In addition, their trucks are clearly marked to ensure that you and your neighbors can easily identify who is visiting your property.

The pool company that you choose should also be large enough to ensure competent training and monitoring by senior staff. Everyone who works on your pool equipment is required to possess a “small appliance installers” license. This ensures that the technician working on your pool equipment has been suitably trained, and knows exactly what they’re doing at all times.

“There’s a reason why the state requires a license, and it’s a safety issue,” said Mr. Hill. “Your pool equipment is electrical and there’s water involved. Your pool service technician must ensure that everything is properly bonded and grounded. That’s why all of our repair personnel are licensed, and we send them to the available training on the equipment that the manufactures provide. They’re experts in their field. And that’s the only thing they do. They don’t do that in addition to cleaning pools. Our pool cleaners are responsible for cleaning pools, and they’re trained to do that as specialists to fulfill that specific responsibility. And our repairmen repair parts and pools all day — every day — and they are experts in their field as well.”

Tropix Pools also employs field supervisors who closely monitor and double check the technicians’ work on a weekly basis. “This ensures that our technicians are doing what they’re supposed to do, and it’s also an ongoing training tool,” said Mr. Hill. “If the technician isn’t getting it quite right, the supervisors are there to help them correct anything and provide even better service to our customers.”

Finally, be sure that your pool service provider is always responsive to and communicative with you. Each time a Tropix Pool technician services your pool, they always goes that extra mile – or lap – by providing a realtime report via Email just minutes after completing their examination of and work at the facility.

The company’s technicians always provide reminders if they see that something isn’t right, such as when filter baskets, skimmer baskets, and/or pool cleaner bags have holes that will prevent the pool cleaner from operating at peak effectiveness.

In addition, the company’s office management is available to field customer concerns, or help resolve an issue that has made a client unhappy. “Our customers can always speak with a member of our staff,” said Mr. Hill. “For example, if you have to change to a different day, or need a special service for something not operating correctly, we will respond to that concern.”

If you are looking for a reliable, responsible pool service provider, please be sure to contact Tropix Pools at (972) 276-2222 or info@tropixpools.com